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St Brendan’s Church, School & Presbytery

IMG_4800In 1885 James Urie (a glazing and plumbing supplier and one time Mayor of Flemington and Kensington) built the house on the Farnham Street corner, before the Catholic Church acquired it for a presbytery. Ironically, Mr Urie proudly laid the foundation stone for St Stephen’s Presbyterian Church in Norwood Street in 1888. St Brendan’s School was built in 1914 and the Church in 1923 after the Sisters of Mercy and their students transferred from the old Church Street site used since the 1880s. The mansions on Church Street were built in 1889.

St Brendan’s Church has been a focal point for the local Catholic community for over 90 years. The attached footage, kindly provided by Franc de Petro shows the wedding of his parents at St Brendan’s Church in 1965:

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