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See you for a drink at the “Doot” – Doutta Galla Hotel

Strategically sited opposite Newmarket Railway Station, the “Doot” has been one of Flemington’s favourite pubs for over 100 years.  It is also one of the most easily recognised heritage features of Flemington, being both prominent in site and well-preserved.  It was described in 1906 as ‘a splendid specimen of architecture and an ornament to the district’, words which equally apply today.    Located near the Newmarket Stockyards, the Doot provided accommodation, food and drink to weary travellers and locals.  Although the rooms are no longer available for rent, locals and visitors still enjoy good meals and drink.  For history buffs, there are photos of an earlier (and quieter?) Racecourse Road in the bistro.  If you stop in for a quiet ale, check out the Latin inscription behind the bar.

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