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John “Patto” Patterson

There are few identities in Flemington as local, or as enduring and endearing, as Patto.  You can still see him driving his horse and cart around Flemington, as he’s done for almost the past 50 years.  John Patterson became a clerk of Flemington Racecourse in 1961.  For more than half a century, he’s been heavily involved with the Racecourse, the Royal Melbourne Show, the Newmarket Saleyards and the broader Flemington community.

We will shortly be adding a video by local filmmaker Barbara Pater highlighting the life of Patto. For now, you can find out more about Patto from the following links:

Power D, The Breaker: Old School with a Gentle Touch, The Thoroughbred, pp.56-8
Kearney N, Clerks of the Course, The Weekly Review (29 September 2010)